Lisette L Walks You Into Spring

Posted on January 24 2020

Lisette L Walks You Into Spring

The winter months are coming to a close and this presents a whole new season of fashion possibilities. The welcoming warmth of the sun also brings a sunny disposition to everything you do. When you’re in this “Springy” good mood mindset and ready for some renewal, nothing feels better than something new from Evelyn & Arthur. You could say we’ve got your back, and in this case, your legs too. Just wait ‘til you see the new Lisette L pants for Spring.

These Lisette L pants have style written all over them

Strike a pose in the Lisette L Montreal Vogue Digital Ankle Pant. This colorful, abstract work of art portrays clippings out of Vogue Magazine condensed into tiny squares. You’ve never seen a print like this. Of course, anything related to Vogue is a sublime fashion statement. Best of all, Lisette stays in your comfort zone, since the Vogue pant features the same fabulous Lisette fit as the popular "801" Ankle pant. As all Lisette pant lovers know, there are no buttons or zippers to get in the way of your sleekness.

Start Spring with some extra swirl

Here’s a Lisette pant with a print that’s as light and airy as a Spring day. The lively, colorful swirls on the Lisette Coral Reef Slim Ankle Pant create a spin all your own. Here, Lisette takes her much-loved ankle pant and gives it a slimmer cut. We all know a slim cut takes the Lisette flattering fit to the max. Another plus is the multi-colored print lets you pair this pair with just about any color top. So, go bold wherever you go this Spring and jump into Lisette’s Coral Reef.

White pants are a basic need

Let’s see. We must have air to breathe, water to drink, time to sleep and white pants in Spring. Luckily, Evelyn & Arthur has you covered with Lisette L Montreal pants. You can have your Lisette whites however you prefer with the 801-ankle pant or the 805 slim long pants. The oh so comfortable fabric slims you and keeps its shape too...and yes, since white pants need to be washed more often have no fear, Lisette pants are washable too. Do we know how to take care of you or what?

Barbados anyone?

For any vacation or stay-cation this Spring, the Lisette L Montreal Barbados Print Ankle Pant adds some floral fun to your days (and nights). The striking print emerges out of a dark indigo blue background made from a cotton-blend fabric for even more luxury. Whether your plans are structured or spontaneous, these Lisette pants fit the occasion. Speaking of fit, these Barbados beauties have the same fabulous fit as the popular Lisette L Montreal "801" Ankle pant. In short, you’ll love these.

Lisette is the little black pant you can’t live without

How many pairs of black pants do you have in your closet? If you’re like most of us, many. But of all those black pants, we wonder if any of them can do what Lisette pants can. That is, pants that look sleek, are comfortable, fit great, hold their shape and do well in the washing machine. Add to this the Lisette signature style: the no zipper, no button no bulges pant. Lisette L Montreal practically invented the pull-on pant so when we say her black pant is a must, it’s a must. Yes, Spring is upon us and the best part of Spring is the days are longer giving you more time to enjoy life in your Lisettes.

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