Warm Up Your Style With Cool Jackets This Season

Posted on December 18 2019

Warm Up Your Style With Cool Jackets This Season

They say a woman’s crowning glory is her hair. That may be, but we think a great jacket is a crowning glory to any ensemble. When a jacket is right, it tops off and enhances whatever you are wearing. It gets noticed. You get noticed. A jacket is a finishing touch that tells the world you’ve got it all together. Jackets keep us warm and they keep you current - if you are getting them at Evelyn & Arthur.

Casual with a little kick – Polly Prince Paisley Jacket

To begin our fashion show of new jackets, here’s one for your easy days that is definitely easy on the eyes. It’s the Polly Prince Paisley jacket. You’ll recognize the familiar jean jacket styling, but then it takes off to a whole new level of rhythm and blues. The bold print is fun and fanciful, elevating simple jeans and a tee to a stellar outfit. Add to this the lightweight, wrinkle-free fabric and how this oh so hip jacket hits perfectly on the hip. We think you’ll agree the Polly Prince Paisley jacket is a winner.

Live life on the asymmetrical edge – Planet Asymmetrical Jacket

Prepare to be stunned. It’s a wonder how Planet makes a jacket asymmetrical, oversized and cropped...yet, slip it on and the effect is truly stunning. It’s dramatic without draping, fashion-forward without fuss, it’s literally a shortcut to super style. Planet’s Nylon Asymmetrical Jacket is a must-try on. You can even get creative and roll back the sleeves for fun. It’s absolutely amazing how transforming a little jacket can be.

Laughter in the Rain – The Rain Caper Jacket

Rainy days will be coming your way in the coming months. No worries, we’ve got a fashionable way to protect from those raindrops from falling on your head. It’s our Rain Caper jacket, the jacket that can replace your umbrella altogether. How do you say? The Rain Caper is lightweight, reversible and has a handy hood. It closes easily with two shell buttons and a secret magnetic snap. You can fold it down to a pouch that you can throw in your handbag...and, of course, it’s so fast drying! The next time you see those dark clouds, wrap yourself in this cool cape and laugh at the rain.

The Jacket that always works – The Sympli Bomber Jacket

So far we’ve looked at some fun, some flash and even some splash with our Rain Caper jacket. Now we’re focusing on a jacket to have in your wardrobe that will fill every other need...it’s the basic black bomber jacket from Sympli. Yes it zips up, yes it has pockets and it definitely has easy sleeves that you can push up if you like. The soft, cozy feel is as warm as a toasty evening by the fire. Above all, it’s the great style of a bomber jacket! If by any chance you aren’t already a Sympli fan like so many of our customers, this bomber jacket is sure to bring you into the club.

Every jacket makes a statement saying a little something about you. That’s why at Evelyn & Arthur we select jackets that have distinct personalities, just like our customers.

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