November 28 2019

Top Sweater Trends We'll See This Fall

Top Sweater Trends We'll See This Fall

Cool Sweater Trends for Cool Weather

There’s finally a little chill in the air and that means sweater weather has arrived. This season, more than ever, along with the cooler climate, women’s self-expression is in the air. Of course, comfort is key and with that comes women’s sweaters that make a statement about you. What could be better? Whether your preference is cashmere or cotton, we have pullover sweaters that will sure win you over.

Get in front of the Line with a Planet Sweater

The Planet Lined Up Sweater | Evelyn and Arthur Clothing
The Planet Lined Up Sweater is fine art. With unique lines and unexpected details, Planet sweaters are truly distinctive, like you. Open in the front and notched at the bottom, it lands on the hip for a very hip look. This Planet sweater is relaxed with an easy, open crew neck. Best of all the pima cotton is oh so soft, you’ll love how good you’ll feel.

Lisa Todd’s Electric Feel Cashmere Sweater is a sweater to love

Lisa Todd Electric Feel Sweater | Evelyn and Arthur Clothing
Lisa Todd fans all fall in love with her special blend of whimsy and knockout style. Then we found the Lisa Todd Electric Feel Sweater. Her ‘heartfelt’ sweater goes way beyond in terms of luxury, made from a lightweight cashmere that is absolutely irresistible. Ever feel heaven on your skin? That’s a cashmere sweater. The Lisa Todd Electric Feel cashmere sweater takes warmth and chic to a whole new level since wearing this sweater not only feels good, it makes you feel good about yourself.

Once again, it’s true love for Lisa Todd

Lisa Todd True Love Sweater | Evelyn and Arthur Clothing
Sometimes it all comes down to one word. Have you heard - the word is LOVE? Wearing a Lisa Todd True Love Sweater says that you are a lover of life, of friends, of family. It also says that you love fun fashion. The different color ribbed cuffs and neckline are Simple yet novel, making the Lisa Todd True Love Sweater one of a kind. Lisa Todd is dressing for well-being in 95% cotton with just a hint of cashmere for some extra contentment. With everything a Lisa Todd sweater has going for it, it’s fair to say that LOVE is all you need.

Lisa Todd Exclusively for Evelyn & Arthur

Ten Oh 8 Tetris Sweater | Evelyn and Arthur Clothing
If our Ten Oh 8 sweaters remind you of Lisa Todd sweaters, there’s a good reason for that. Many of our Ten Oh 8 Sweaters are made exclusively for Evelyn & Arthur by Lisa Todd! That’s why our Ten Oh 8 Tetris sweater has the same imaginative, creative and amusing look as Lisa Todd. Made from 100% cotton, it has an easy fit and is ready to go. Have fun with the fabulous offset hem and fresh geometric pattern on the front. Slip-on a Lisa Todd sweater with jeans or pants and enjoy the cozy comfort.

Oh goodie, it’s an Organic Rags hoodie

Organic Rags French Terry Contrast Hoodie | Evelyn and Arthur 
Here’s a hoodie that will make you say ahhh. Meet Organic Rags French Terry Contrast Hoodie. It’s so warm and wonderful we can’t say enough about it. Indulge in this ultra-soft sweater with a sleek, slimming design and colour-block styling to add some edge to your look. The Organic Rags French Terry Contrast Hoodie is a sweater where you will be well dressed even while dressed in leggings or jeans. There’s something about white and black that always elevates the style. It seems black and white always show up on high-class fashion, even when fashion is a hoodie. Enjoy!

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