Taking Care of Yourself With Sympli

Posted on May 20 2020

Taking Care of Yourself With Sympli

Your friends at Evelyn & Arthur realize that now is a great time for some self-pampering. The downtime this Spring has been challenging, to say the least. But here is some good news – our world is slowly opening up again. We can’t think of a better reason to do something special for yourself and we just happen to have the perfect something.

The Sympli Go-To V-Neck Tee

Here’s a top that is lavishly soft with an undisturbed A-line fit that looks amazing up close or from a social distance. The Sympli Go-To V-Neck Tee gives you the freedom of a V-Neck with always welcomed ¾ sleeves. We have every confidence you will live in this Tee. This beauty comes in a range of colours, but we are wild about this cantaloupe shade. Wear on its own or layered with accompanying Sympli pieces, it feels so good to look so good.

Sympli irresistible in white

The Sympli Halo Henley Tee adds delight in white with fun details. With an open sweetheart neckline (Sympli specializes in flattering necklines), grommet details on both front and side slits, this is a fashion win. Of course, the ¾ sleeves work on everybody and the shirt tail hem brings your good look all together. Sympli finishes off the effect with smoothing and soothing fabric – a luxury that will fit you to a Tee.

Renewed energy with Sympli power lines

We all know that something new to wear seems to improve vitality. When you know you are looking good it puts some Spring in your step. So here’s your first step: the Sympli Go-To Classic Tee ‘Painted Lines’. This striking navy-blue Tee has all the Sympli style and comfort of the Go-To Classic Tee with its scoop neck, A-line, and graceful shape – only this Tee has a fabulous painted lines print.

Basically, the ideal Tee

The Sympli Go-To Classic Tee Relax helps you relax. It takes away ‘what to wear’ stress since reaching for this Tee is always the right choice. The simplicity of design gives you a blank canvas to layer with other Sympli pieces or accessorize with Evelyn & Arthur’s statement necklaces or scarves. Happily, it is wonderful on its own when lounging around or heading to the market. (Incidentally, Sympli did sneak in a 5-inch slit on the side for just a hint of fascination.)

Caring for your Sympli is simple too

The joy of wearing Sympli also includes the ease of caring for your Sympli pieces. Sympli's high quality non-wrinkle jersey fabric is washable. That’s right. No trips to the dry cleaner for you. All you need is some nice warm water with some mild soap and a place to hang your Sympli to dry. You never have to worry about shrinkage or fading either. How lovely is that?

You deserve a breath of fresh flair

Today is a good day to treat yourself to something Sympli. Enjoy Sympli’s signature style and experience all the joy that comes with it. From easy wear to easy care, this is fashion designed by women with you in mind. Mix, match, layer, go basic or detailed, dress it up or dress it down, there is always a Sympli solution.

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