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Posted on February 05 2018

sympli clothing 2018 collection

For travel, Sympli is the ticket. Ready for a first-class experience? Make Sympli clothing your travel companion. The fit, the comfort, the great design...these are the clothes to bring! Sympli’s great styles are perfect for wherever your plans take you. If you are the kind of person who brings everything they own including the kitchen sink, here’s some good news. When Sympli is along for the ride, you’ll find you can take a lot less and get more fabulous mix and match outfits than you can imagine.

On a balmy beach or musing around museums, you’ll be a beautiful part of the scenery. Wherever you are going, whatever you are doing, Sympli clothing is designed for you to feel comfortable in your own skin. We all know when traveling, comfort is key!

Sympli outfits are wrinkle free, right out of the suitcase. Roll Sympli clothes up and take advantage of the space saving benefit! If you’re on an overnight with a tote or weeks away with a trunk, Sympli packs light, is washable and ready to wear.

You’ll have non-stop style in Sympli. Sympli pants and leggings hold their shape on planes, trains and automobiles. Sitting for hours? You’ll love the relaxed waistband. Every piece is so soft, it feels like lounge wear, but it’ll take you to a cocktail lounge or the opera.

A little Sympli goes a long way. With so many Sympli skirts, tops and jackets to choose from, you’ll have many layering options to fit your itinerary. Dress it up for uptown, dress it down for downtown, mix, match, have fun with so many colors and take off.

Color your world with Sympli. Sympli clothing comes in stunning colors that fit into any culture, from India to Indiana. Soft pastels and rich jewel hues to match every mood, cityscape and landscape.

Travel in a world of comfort. Sympli’s remarkable fit and feel is so special, once you’ve discovered it you won’t want to wear anything else – on a three-day shopping trip or a three week cruise. You’ll love wearing Sympli every day!

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