Picking Pants for Your Body Shape

Posted on November 22 2017

Whether you’re curvy, slim, tall or petite, your pants have to fit great, look great and be very comfortable. Not always easy. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for pants that deliver all these things to you, whatever your shape or size may be.

Our favorite 5 pants for your body shape!

Holland Avenue Ankle Pants Gallery | Evelyn & Arthur

Designed by Evelyn & Arthur, made to fit you. Holland Ave is our new favorite pant and a must try!

Lisette L Montreal 805 Slim Pants

Lisette L Montreal 805 Slim Pants | Evelyn & Arthur

Lisette L’s slim pant is known for its tummy flattening, leg lengthening effect.

Sympli Narrow Pants Midi

Sympli Narrow Pants Midi | Evelyn & Arthur

Simply put, if you like narrow ankle length pants , these pants are for you.

Lisette L Montreal 801 Ankle Pants

Lisette L Montreal 801 Ankle Pants | Evelyn & Arthur

When it has to be ankle length, these Lisette L pants are a go-to pick.

Sympli Narrow Pant Long

Sympli Narrow Pants Long | Evelyn & Arthur

These pants are long on style. Sympli’s super soft fabric and flattering cut will amaze you.

A pant for every body shape.

If it’s skinny pants, short pants, ankle pants, long pants or slim pants, we’ve got you covered.

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