April 19 2021

Top 5 Planet Sweaters to Keep You Cozy This Spring

Evelyn & Arthur stays ahead of your curves

At Evelyn & Arthur, we’re grateful that once again we are seeing you in our stores, shopping and having some fun. Now that we’re all slowly coming out of our shells and stepping out more, we’re here to help you step up your look. Let’s start with some great sweaters for Spring. Planet sweaters flatter just about everybody, all shapes, sizes and curves. We think you’ll love the flattering look!

This Planet Sweater has it all

Not only is the Planet Ribbed Bottom Sweater so soft, fashioned from the finest pima cotton, but another reason to go for it is because it has so much going for it! Start with the oversized fit which pulls over any tee effortlessly, the boat neck with rolled edge, the rib at the sleeve and finish with the main event: the special ribbed bottom hem. Speaking of bottom, this Planet sweater lands on the hip with just the right amount of coverage. Truly, Planet thought of everything including making it washable. This one’s a keeper.

The Pima Cotton Planet Sweater that’s ready for anything

Ahh yes, those black leggings we love to live in. Keep them close to you by all means, and for their loyal support, treat them to this fabulous Planet Athletic Chic Knit sweater. It’s definitely time to kick up the legging look a notch or two...or three. This Planet sweater is ideal for this. It’s a relaxed fit, so wear it anytime and anywhere. It’s so pretty with its contrasting ribbed white stripe running down the arms and across the neck. Talk about tres chic! Planet’s Pima cotton fabric is a delight all by itself and remember the best part is you can wash this lovely sweater along with your beloved leggings.

A cool evening calls for a chill sweater

This Spring, when the sun sets, you’ll be all set in this Planet Waffle Cowl sweater. If you’re heading out to a restaurant or tossing a salad at home, reach for this oversized, absolutely cozy Planet sweater. You’ll love how the textured waffle-knit made from pima cotton and modal moves with the flow of your body. The sleeves have a trendy raw edge so when you kick back you can easily roll them back...how great is that? And for those days when only a cowl neck will do, this Planet sweater gets it done. Nobody does a cowl neck sweater better.

Here’s a Planet sweater that’s spot on.

For Spring, here’s a pretty fabulous pairing for your white pants. It’s the Planet Seeing Spots sweater in all its glory. Basic yet totally unique, the black and white contrast is just too smashing for words! This Planet sweater in the finest Pima cotton is a natural beauty. It’s elegant and fun too. The oversized, roomy shape is so comfortable and we appreciate the longer, very flattering length. A classic crew neck and drop shoulder add to the effect, and just like its sister sweaters, you can wash this Planet sweater worry free. Once you’ve spotted yourself in this sweater, it could become your number one favorite.

Comfy Living is here to stay

There’s no reason to give up the relaxed ‘self-care’ wear we have all learned to love. Planet understands this and it’s exactly why Planet sweaters are a best seller at Evelyn & Arthur. We just love the way these one-size-fits-all oversized sweaters fit. They are roomy but never look big or bulky. They are comfy but always look polished. Planet sweaters are easy to cuddle in and very easy on the eyes. Perfect for the way we live now.

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