May 26 2017

There’s magic to be found in the Sympli things

At Evelyn & Arthur, we know women want to live Sympli! What’s better than being comfortable in your own skin wearing beautiful and easy fashion? This is what Sympli clothes are all about. These are clothes that deliver so much in so many ways.


With Sympli fashions, you get chic, body flattering outfits in styles which offer versatility and options. Go casual during the day, then later, kick up the jewelry and you’ll be ready for evening cocktails. You won’t want to change clothes because you’ll be enjoying the softness of Sympli along with best fit you’ve ever experienced.


Then there are those delicious colors. Mix and match to your heart’s content since Sympli leggings give you one look; Sympli pants give you another!


Did we mention Sympli tops and Sympli bottoms are sold as separates, so if you happen to need a larger size top and a smaller size bottom, (or vice versa) no problem. Sympli is body friendly clothing at last. All this and it's machine washable and great for travel. Roll it up and pack without a care because Sympli refuses to wrinkle. We could go on and on about the dreamy design, the heavenly fabric, the beautiful colors, the accent pieces, but we’d like you to discover the Sympli magic for yourself!

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