October 18 2018

Autumn Picks for Your Wardrobe

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This time of year is so refreshing. The weather is cooler, the leaves change colors and the Fall festivities begin. It’s also the time to refresh your wardrobe with some standouts from Evelyn & Arthur. Here are our Autumn picks!

Lisa Todd Sweaters

If, by any chance, you have not discovered Lisa Todd sweaters yet, please know these sweaters are habit forming! They are made from the softest cotton with just a hint of cashmere, for a most luxurious experience...but the best part is these are sweaters also come with personality. Each one has a distinctive design with a touch of humor. The sweater may have little hearts, a wake up coffee cup or a lyric to a Beatles song. The charm of Lisa Todd sweaters is truly irresistible and we know you’ll enjoy adding them to your sweater collection this season.

Parker Smith Jeans

When you’ve got that perfect sweater, it’s time to pair it up with a great pair of jeans. Parker Smith jeans are among our Autumn picks because they look amazing on all body types and are so comfortable, women who thought they would never wear jeans are happily taking them home. Parker Smith jeans came to be when the all-female team who lead Parker Smith jeans heard so many requests from women asking for jeans that fit. Really fit. For these women, Parker Smith accomplished the 3 F’s – fashion, beautiful fabrics, and wonderful fit. Parker Smith jeans are premium denim, so they look as good at the end of the day as they did when you first put them on. This Fall when the occasion calls for casual, you’ve got it covered with Parker Smith jeans.

Planet Sweaters

Here’s another Fall fave at Evelyn & Arthur. Planet has a creative collection of comfy sweaters for Fall that we just love. Made from the finest fabrics, the one-size-fits-all mantra works beautifully. Planet sweaters have a way of draping gracefully on all women. The color palette of soft hues and natural colors are just right for Fall. There’s something about how Planet sweaters combine modern fabrics with innovative textures that work so well and allow dressing using layers. (In colder weather this is a plus.) The patterns are dramatic, chic and sophisticated. Check out Planet sweaters. The fabrics and body styles will enhance your shape in the most comfortable way. What could be better?

Lisette L. Montreal Pants

Some Fall days, especially the day after Thanksgiving, only a pull-on pant will do. For those relaxed days when you don’t feel like zipping or buttoning, but of course you still want to look your best, reach for Lisette L. Montreal pants. Aside from the forgiving waistband that holds and hides tummy imperfections, the fabric has lovely stretch so the comfort is there too. Lisette L pull-on pants comes in different cuts and lengths to suit your taste. Some of the styles for Fall have fun design details too. Known for their signature Flaterie Fit™, this is the kind of fit that flatters any and all women. Lisette L. Montreal is a year-round favorite in our store but the new prints and patterns this Fall wowed us!

Looking for autumn picks for your wardrobe?

Browse around our store and take a closer look at our Autumn picks. You’ll fall in love with them!

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