Spring 2019: Nothing Better Than A Lisa Todd Sweater

Spring time is upon us, so let’s lighten up! When it comes to lightweight sweaters for Spring, we’ve got your back. It’s time to put away the warming wool and put on a lightweight Lisa Todd sweater. These sweaters are 100% cotton and 200% fabulous. Lisa Todd sweaters are so soft and just roomy enough […] Read more


Warm Wardrobe Picks for Winter

Winter is coming…it’s such a cozy time of year, especially when you have some comfy warm wardrobe clothes to snuggle up in. As always, you can count on Evelyn & Arthur for winter wear that keeps you warm but also keeps you looking great. Here are our winter picks for those very chilly days (and […] Read more


Autumn Picks for Your Wardrobe

This time of year is so refreshing. The weather is cooler, the leaves change colors and the Fall festivities begin. It’s also the time to refresh your wardrobe with some standouts from Evelyn & Arthur. Here are our Autumn picks! Lisa Todd Sweaters If, by any chance, you have not discovered Lisa Todd sweaters yet, […] Read more


Our Five Faves for Every Season

It’s no coincidence that our five picks all come from women designers. Who else understands a woman’s need to look great in clothes that offer a full day of comfort? Who else appreciates a woman’s love of a classic style to accessorize dressy or casual? We all know that our clothes have to be travel-friendly, […] Read more


Sympli Dresses for Every Occasion

At Evelyn & Arthur, we know there is magic to be found in the Sympli things. Especially in the summertime when slipping on a lightweight, soft sleek dress is exactly the ‘easy wear’ you need. No need to have anything around your waist or hugging your legs when you can have the free open feeling […] Read more